So, 2 years later….

Hi everyone.  It’s been a while.  So, where exactly have I been? Well, I spend 95% of my time working at Unify Square Inc. with some of the best and brightest in the UC community. The other 5% I spent on building the largest Lync Users Group community on the planet.  You can find more(…)


SuperToast - Missed IMs Become a Thing of the Past

There’s been plenty of times a client has asked me, “How can I get an automatic pop-up of an IM on my screen?”  My first inclination has been, “Why would you ever want that?”, but I digress.  Modality Systems released an automatic IM popup that allows after a 30 second timeout (configurable) an pop-up stating(…)


Lync CU4 Released

Here’s where you can find all the goodies: Lync Server 2010: Lync Client (32bit): Lync Client (64bit):


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